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The Rider On The White Horse

by Faithful And True

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released February 24, 2015

All Songs (c) 2015 Faithful And True. All Rights Reserved
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by 2015 Faithful And True
(c) 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records



all rights reserved


Faithful And True San Jose, Costa Rica

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Track Name: Security Through The Eyes Of God
Father I Opened My Eyes
And Realized
How Insignificant
I Am Without You
Today I Cry And Surrender
Before You On My Knees
I Am Sorry For Laying My Eyes
On The Things Said
About Me Ignorantly
And Not On What You
Said What I Am For You
Now My Security Resides
Through Your Eyes

Looking At Myself
Through Your Eyes
All My Fears Leave
My Enemies Are Nothing
On Hands Of My God

My Life In You Is A Conviction
Not An Emotion
To Honor You Is
For What I Was Born
And For What I Will Die

You Sustain Me
My Glorious Lord

I Don’t Care The Number
Of The Ones Raising
In Front Of Me
I Trust In You
And Your Blood Runs
Through My Veins

My Life Is An Expression
Of Your Greatness
All Our Expectations
I Found Them In You

Now I Have A New Beginning
Because I Know
All Things You Make New
My God Defines Who I Am
Track Name: In The Arms Of My Father
Every Day That Goes By
I Want More From You
Father Youre My Obsession
I Have Breath In You
I Want To Give You
The Best Of Me
And Be Just For You

My Heart Dies
If You Are Not With Me
You Are My New Morning
And The Perfect Solace Poetry
You Have Always Been
My Medicine Beneath All Pain
I Will Adore You Eternally

The Love Of God Is My Strength

Father In Your Arms I Am
Through Christ I Know You
Now I Know That
In Every Desolated Night
You Will Be My Company
The Darkness Disappears
Becoming A New Sunrise
Because Of Your Light Lord

Only You’re Worthy
My Father God Of All Sacrifice

Your Fire Is Over Me
Burning All Condemnation
I Have Hope Through You
Now I Am Alive In You

You Are The One
That Erradicates All Impurity

Holy Spirit Fill Me
With Your Joy
Help Me Be As You Are
Holy Spirit You Are
My Inspiration

Your Grace And Mercy
Awakes In Me
Renewal Of My Being
Track Name: Unity
Its Time To Live For God
And Stop Acting Falsely
Days Speak Expressing Indignation
Because Of The False Prophets
Those Who Will Be Eradicated
By The Breath Of God

Its Time To Get Up
And Enforced Through Christ
The Essence In Which
Were Chosen By His Will
Worshiping And Bringing
His Unconditional Love
To This Dying World
Its Time To Live For God
And Become One With Him
Wake Up

Suddenly Fire Comes From Heaven
Fire From The Breath Of God
Announcing A Reform Bringing
The Purity Of The Foundations
From The Heart Of Christ

Suddenly Through This Fire
Conformity Flees
Suddenly Through This Fire
Lies Disappear
Suddenly Through This Fire
Hypocrisy Dies

This Fire Brings
The Almighty’s Justice
Destroying All Oppression
This Fire Revives Our Being

My God You Are Omnipotent
We Shall Prevail In You
You Are Omnipresent
Righteousness You Will Bring
You Are Omniscient
Light We’ll Be In You
My God Is Not In A Casket
My God Reigns Over All
That Has Been Created
Holy Spirit Come
With Your Revival

Oh My God
Break These Walls
You Are Not A Human Concept
Nothing We Want Out Of You

We Are The Church
We Are The Body Of Christ
Not A Maimed Body
Come Holy Spirit
Make Us One In You
Make Your Power Flow
In The Holy Name Of Jesus

My God Your Kingdom
Is Established In Our Lives
Now Your Government
Is Our New Dawn
You Are Our Only Refuge
Holy Father We Love You
We Want To Dwell
In Thy Presence